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The Best Rooftop Proposal Spots in Paris

Gay Proposal in Paris knows all of the rooftop in Paris with stunning views of the Eiffel Tower


Paris has a legitimate claim to be referred to as the “City of Love.” Its charming cafes,
beautiful landmarks, and charming cobblestone streets all contribute to the city’s naturally
romantic atmosphere. Imagine, though, taking that passion to a whole new
level—literally—by popping the question on a rooftop overlooking the famous Paris skyline.
As you prepare to pop the question, picture yourself surrounded by the soothing glow of city
lights, the comforting smell of freshly made croissants drifting in from the breeze, and
growing excitement. This captures the magic of making a rooftop proposal in Paris.



These rooftop bars offers stunning panoramic views of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower:


  1. Le Perchoir: Located in the trendy neighborhood of the Marais, this rooftop bar offers a laid-back atmosphere with breathtaking views of the city. The rooftop is decorated with plants, string lights, and vintage furniture, creating a cozy ambiance.

  2. Shangri-La Hôtel : Already a favourite with our customers, we have so far styled and co-ordinated nine marriage proposals at this location. With one of the best views of Paris, it’s one of our favourites too.

  3. Galeries Lafayette Rooftop: This is the rooftop of the iconic Galeries Lafayette department store, located near the Opera Garnier. The terrace offers stunning views of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, the Opera Garnier, and the Sacré-Cœur.

  4. The Rooftop at the Peninsula Paris: This luxurious hotel boasts a rooftop restaurant with views of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. The ambiance is upscale and sophisticated, making it a perfect spot for a special occasion like a wedding proposal.

  5. Hôtel Raphael: This hotel is located near the Arc de Triomphe and boasts a beautiful rooftop terrace with views of the Eiffel Tower. The terrace is decorated with plants and has a cozy, intimate feel.

Ultimately, the best proposal rooftop in Paris will depend on your personal preferences and style. Consider what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for, what kind of views you want to see, and the kind of experiences you want to create for your partner – we can do the rest!

*We can create unique decor according to your preferences & budget.


Timing is Key
It’s time to think about the timing of your proposal once you’ve selected the ideal rooftop
venue. Considering Paris is renowned for its breathtaking sunsets, why not schedule your
proposal for when the sun is setting? Imagine sinking to your knee in front of the Eiffel
Tower, which is glowing softly in the twilight, with the sky painted in shades of pink and
Another option is to for a genuinely amazing occasion, think about popping the question
outside. It’s an unforgettable moment that you and your spouse will always cherish, with the
city lights sparkling below and the night sky extending overhead.


Secret Tips

Weather conditions: Whilst Paris is famed for its beautiful weather, it’s beneficial to
have an alternate plan in case of adverse weather or rain. In order to be sure your
proposal can go forward rain or shine, think about adopting a rooftop site with inside
seating options or a covered space. You should also closely monitor the weather
Safety first: When visiting hidden rooftop sites, put safety first, especially if you have
to climb or navigate uncharted territory. Always put your own and your partner’s
safety first. Take caution around uneven ground, low obstacles, and other possible
Capturing the Moment: Don’t forget to capture the magic of your secret rooftop
proposal by arranging a professional photographer or setting up a camera to
document the moment. Whether it’s hiring a professional photographer or enlisting
the help of a friend, having photos or videos of your proposal will allow you to relive
the moment for years to come.


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