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Design Your own Proposal


We believe that each proposal should be as unique as each love story. The following templates are used as starting points to build your dream proposal from. Everything is adaptable and personal details can be thread throughout each experience. If you would like to combine templates, add extra destinations or features, or even schedule after events, then simply let us know.

At Gay Proposal in Paris, we take care of your every need with a personal butler on site. The role of the butler adds an extra element to the event. It creates a further dimension of luxury but also allows the co-ordinator to be present before, during and after the proposal. Afterall, you deserve to be treated like royalty.

We have access to a number of locations which perfectly feature the Eiffel Tower in the background of your proposal...
Experience the city like real Parisians in a traditional French car. We have a number of different models available for you to choose from...
Why not stroll along the streets of Paris, arm-in-arm, just the two of you, until you come across a stunning picnic site...
Have you ever thought about having your proposal on a secret and forbidden Parisian rooftop?
Disneyland Paris is a magical place, and you'll want to remember this special moment forever...
The team can set the scene with floral arrangements, candles and enormous letters writing out the word: Marry Me, in a public or private place in Paris.
A proposal far from the crowds, during a private boat tour along the Seine, where you can take in the beautiful architecture of Paris...
Are-you looking for the perfect and intimate rooftop in Paris for this special moment ?
Prepare yourself for an unforgettable dining experience and not just because of the haute cuisine...
This service is completely BESPOKE.
Let’s get creative !
Popular Features

We have a curated portfolio of iconic locations and a network of highly-talented team members at our disposal. We often use floral arrangements  such as impressive flower arches, decadent bouquets, large floral pillars, beautiful garlands or statement walls – to style our proposals and to give them the wow factor. Flickering candles, a scattering of rose petals and joyful heart-shaped balloons are popular features on offer but anything can be included.

You can choose from a selection of champagne and French delicacies. You can listen to top-class musicians we know serenade you with live music. You can select one of our photographers and videographers to be sure the moment is discreetly captured exactly as you envisage it. Personal touches, such as pictures of you both and monogrammed macarons can also be included, but one feature which we advise all couples to include is the Love Letter. 

For what you write in the Love Letter is, afterall, the reason you are there. It is something you can use to channel your thoughts before and to remember your feelings after. The Love Letter is the heart of the proposal. It is the personal element in the public display.

Whilst some features seem to be extremely popular, we have never seen two proposals the same and each time we create a new proposal, we have a ton of new ideas. In our Love Studio, we are always working on how to create the most magnificent proposals Paris has to offer. It is our passion and our purpose and we have loved creating every single one.

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