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Proposals in Paris

What could be more romantic than getting whisked off to Europe for a
surprise, luxury proposal in the centre of Paris? If you’re after some
gay proposal ideas in Paris, you’re in the right place.



The City Of Love

The millions of declarations of love that have been made in Paris have become part of its make up. Lovers have strolled the boulevards arm-in-arm for over a century. Love can be felt and seen on every corner of this romantic city. There is even a museum dedicated to romance found tucked away within the capital.
It is a wonderfully beautiful place to get down on one knee, full of the history of relationships, philosophy, art and refl ections on what love really means.



Paris Proposal Sites

There is a picture perfect place at every corner in Paris. Here are just a few popoular options of romantic gay proposal ideas in Paris but we know of lots more!

The Eiffel Tower

There are many ways to incorporate this iconic landmark into your proposal. You may want to propose at the base of the tower, at the restaurant inside, or simply have it feature in the background from another wonderful location. Whether in the day time, at sunset, or whilst it glitters in the evening, the Eiff el Tower is an impressive and instantly recognisable symbol of Paris, elegance and romance.

Le Mur des Je T’aime

Lovers from around the world have scrawled their names together on this wall found in a romantic park in Montmartre. A wall that speaks of love and togetherness at a time when the world is feeling the opposite, is hugely symbolic. Declarations can be found in over 250 languages, making this a must-visit tourist spot for couples who want to add their own names to the list of lovers.

Le Pont des Amours

The 155m-long bridge which crosses the Seine at the heart of the capital has been classed as a historical monument. It is a beautifully scenic place where thousands of lovers have attached padlocks to symbolise their unbreaking bond. The bridge is a wonderful location to propose and to add your own love lock to one day come back and fi nd.


Montmartre is a charming part of Paris, with the stunning Sacré-Coeur, an artists’ market, quaint bistros, a small vineyard and a Romance museum. There are some gorgeous spots to propose which are typically Parisian. Montmartre is both the neighbourhood of Amelie and the Moulin Rouge and is full of fun places to propose.

The Banks of the River Seine/ A River Cruise

Flowing through the capital is the Seine, where you can tour the city and see the famous landscapes from the water and finish with a proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower. A private boat tour allows for privacy right in the heart of the centre. If you would rather propose on terra fir ma, then a gorgeous set up on the banks of the Seine, near to a wonderful restaurant or particular landmark is also a scenic option.

Paris Parks

There are many beautiful, manicured parks in Paris which are ideal locations for proposals. A shift from the buildings and the business found on the streets, a Parisian park is a floral haven where you can relax, stroll around and take in the greenery.


The Paris skyline is an iconic panoramic. Private rooftops can be hard to come by but we have some wonderful locations where we provide a private chef to create a gourmet menu for your proposal. If you are after a restaurant rooftop proposal, then we can point you in the right direction of some fabulous establishments and we can create a proposal set-up within them to blow away your partner.

Restaurants / Hotels

We know many wonderful, luxury restaurants and hotels in Paris and can help you select the venue which is perfect for you and your partner. We would be happy to show you some examples and some proposal set-ups we have already created to make sure you have the best proposal ever.


Iconic Photoshoots

Whatever your vibe, whether you’re after inspiration on the cutest gay proposals, the most romantic gay proposals, the most beautiful gay proposals or just simply the best gay proposal ideas, our team of experts can make it happen and can guide you in creating the most stunning proposal which is right for you.
Paris is full of charm, sophistication and elegance but it also has a sweet, quaint side and a mischievious, fl irtatious side. Let us know what you’re into and we can create the proposal and photoshoot that is right for you. Maybe you would like to visit several locations for your
photoshoot, maybe you would like to include a videographer to capture the proposal itself, everything’s possible.

Proposal in Paris

Whether you would prefer a private rooftop dinner proposal in Paris, a Disney proposal or a Paris picnic proposal, we cater to all styles. For further inspiration, head to our gallery or contact us today to see how we can create the best Paris proposal for you.


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