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Will Planning a Proposal Yourself Really Save Money?

You’ve already bought your ticket to Paris but you don’t know yet if you should plan your proposal yourself or if you want to work with a proposal planner in the city.

When considering this dilemma, the first and most practical step would be to sit down and think about your budget. Once you have an idea, you can start deciding what’s of most importance to you.

Creating a romantic surprise in Paris takes some work. There’s a lot of research and planning that needs to go into it. Also, if you are on a trip with your partner you may have to be present throughout your stay, so it may be difficult to sneak off in order to set something up elsewhere.

Additionally, it is worth bearing in mind that not all suppliers speak English and they may have a certain way of working that you may not be accustomed to. Despite many email exchanges using the best online translators, there may still be things lost in translation.





As with all events, inconveniences and last-minute changes can interrupt and greatly affect the best made plans. Take the rain for example, without known back-up locations, it can ruin all efforts for your wonderful proposal. Strikes, traffic jams, restaurants closing last-minute – there are many little things which could get in your way.

Knowing Paris and having a network of trusted suppliers in the city, means that our agency can adapt swiftly and efficiently to any shortcomings which may arise. We have a long list of places, suppliers and experiences to ensure that your proposal can go ahead no matter what. If changes have to be made, we can do that quickly without ruining the surprise and without you facing huge disappointment too. Having to scramble around to cancel, speak with suppliers and attempt to re-organise something else on the spot can take something special out of the day.

You may have already heard the term « Proposal planner » but do you really know what proposal planning really consists of?

Proposal planning requires a lot of time and energy: research, emails, phone calls, scheduling, negotiating.. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes even before styling with all the attention to details takes place. And you deserve a lavishly romantic proposal. Let us do all the hardwork so you too can be blown away and enjoy the entire process in trusted hands.


Let's make your dream a reality :

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