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Top 5 Memorable Proposal Ideas for Gay Men


A marriage proposal is an incredibly special moment in any relationship, and if you’re a gay man planning to propose to your partner, you might not know exactly what’s expected. But what’s expected can be unique to each couple. You just want to make sure that it’s memorable, meaningful and something you love to look back on.

In this article, we’ll explore five proposal ideas that will make your partner feel loved and cherished. We’ll also provide helpful tips for planning the perfect proposal. So, let’s get started!


1.   Plan a Double Proposal

One exciting option for same-sex couples is to plan a double proposal. This way, both partners have the opportunity to pop the question to each other and express their love and commitment at the same time. It might remove the element of surprise but secret elements can be woven in. Here are two heartwarming examples of double proposals:

Dermot and Cathal’s Christmas Surprise

 Dermot and Cathal had a magical double proposal on Christmas Day. They planned separate proposals without knowing the other’s plans. When the big day arrived, Cathal was the first to ask, surprising Dermot. However, Dermot had planned to propose that evening as well. It was a beautiful and unexpected moment that led to two happy “yesses.”

(Sometimes a third party is needed – like a good friend or family member who knows both partners’ intentions – in order to pull off the surprise if the proposals are not being done at the same time.)

Jeremy and David’s Not-so Regular Date Night

 Jeremy and David also opted for a double proposal. During their long-standing Monday date night, David planned a stroll around Paris that ended at the Eiffel Tower. With a photographer secretly capturing the moment, David pulled out a handwritten letter and a ring. He asked Jeremy to marry him, and Jeremy surprised him by also getting down on one knee and proposing with a second ring. It was a truly memorable and romantic moment. Jeremy had suspicions that David wanted to propose and although he hadn’t planned anything, he had been carrying his ring around Paris waiting for the right moment.


2.   Discuss Who Will Propose

In traditional heterosexual relationships, there is often an expectation that the man will propose to the woman. However, in same-sex relationships, there are no set rules. It’s essential to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about who wants to propose and how you envision the proposal if a surprise is not what you’re after.


3.   Consider the Element of Surprise

Surprise proposals can be incredibly romantic and memorable. If your partner enjoys surprises, planning a proposal that catches them off guard can create a magical moment. Here are some ideas to consider:

Propose on a Special Holiday

 Every holiday or special occasion presents an opportunity for a memorable proposal. You can plan a proposal on Christmas or on your partner’s birthday by disguising the rings as a gift. Once they open it, get down on one knee and ask them to marry you. You can also think beyond Christmas and consider days like Easter or Valentine’s Day for a special, surprise proposal.

Plan a Romantic Getaway

 Surprising your partner with a romantic getaway can set the stage for a memorable proposal. Choose a destination that holds significance for both of you or a place you’ve always wanted to visit together. Create a romantic atmosphere, and when the time feels right, pop the question. We can help you throughout the entire process and create the most beautiful proposal set up to create a romantic scene.


4.   Get Creative with Personalized Proposals

Personalized proposals can be truly meaningful. Consider your partner’s interests, hobbies, or some of your shared experiences and memories to craft a proposal that reflects who you are and your relationship. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Write a Love Letter or Poem

If you have a way with words, consider writing a heartfelt love letter or a poem for your partner. You could read it aloud or present it in a beautifully designed card or book. This personalized touch will make the proposal even more intimate and special.

The Love Letter is a fundamental part of each of our proposals as we believe it is the heart of the event.

Recreate a Significant Moment

 Think back to a significant moment in your relationship and recreate it for the proposal. It could be the place where you had your first date, the spot where you shared your first kiss, or any other meaningful location. By revisiting that moment and adding the element of surprise, you can create a proposal filled with nostalgia and love. If none of these were in Paris but you would like to include a nod to these special moments, you could dress up in a certain outfit, play a certain song or request a certain meal.


5.   Involve Family and Friends

Involving loved ones can make the proposal even more special and memorable. Here are a few ways to include family and friends in your proposal:

Surprise Engagement Party

 Plan a surprise engagement party and invite your closest friends and family. You can propose to your partner in front of everyone, creating a joyous and celebratory atmosphere. Some couples like a lavish engagement party followed by an intimate wedding or elopement, some couples like a lavish party followed by a more lavish wedding – it’s up to you – but we can help with the logistics of organizing an engagement with family and friends in Paris.


Helpful Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal

Planning a proposal can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your proposal goes smoothly:


Communicate and Listen

 Before planning the proposal, have an open and honest conversation with your partner about their preferences and expectations. Listen to their desires and ensure that the proposal aligns with their vision as well.

Communication is key to creating a proposal that will be meaningful and memorable for both of you.

Choose the Right Timing

 Consider the right timing for your proposal. Think about the context and any upcoming events or milestones. You want the moment to feel special and significant, so choose a time when you both can fully enjoy and savor the experience.

Capture the Moment

 Having high-quality photos or a video of the moment from professional photographers and videographers will allow you to relive the proposal and share it with loved ones. It’s a beautiful keepsake that you can cherish for years to come.

Have a Backup Plan

 Sometimes, things don’t go exactly as planned. We will discuss back-up plan options with you in advance so that you won’t be disappointed if the unforeseen occurs. Being prepared helps everyone stay calm and ensures smooth, happy and confident proposals. Don’t worry – that’s what planners are for.

Celebrate and Enjoy

 We can help organize celebrations for after the proposal. Whether you’d like a romantic dinner, a quiet walk, or a lively show, we can help you savor the excitement of your newly engaged status.

Proposing to your partner is a significant milestone in your relationship, and as a gay man, you have the opportunity to create a proposal that breaks away from traditional norms. Whether you choose a surprise proposal, a personalized gesture, or involve your loved ones, the most important thing is to make it meaningful and memorable for both of you. With these proposal ideas and helpful tips, you’re ready to plan the perfect proposal and embark on your journey towards a lifetime of love and happiness together. Let us help you make your dreams come true.

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