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The Marriage Proposal Trends you’ll see in 2024

If ever there were a unique and magical proposal agency in which to declare your love, make a proposal of marriage or suggest renewing your vows, then it has to be : Gay Proposal in Paris! Our team works a lot to share their addresses, best Eiffel tower view, best proposal rooftop, best tips to be ready for your special moment…

Let’s start with a Florian quote :

« Each proposal presents beauty in their own unique way. For some clients we turn pre-existing dreams into reality. For other our proposal ideas insight inspiration which our planning turn into memorable moments and future dreams. »

These are the ultimate trendy for you to start to create the most trendy proposal 2024 :

  • Vibrant color and textures
  • Intimate ceremonies
  • Natural settings and brilliant views
  • Rooftop
  • Flowers on the cake
  • Flowers inside the champagne glass
  • Rosé champagne
  • Intentional Lighting / Candlelight atmosphere
  • Speakeasy-inspired after-Parties (Over-the-Top After-Parties)
  • Signature proposal cocktails
  • Bring your family and friends to share this special moment in Paris…

Overall, the trend in marriage proposals seems to be towards creativity, personalization, and emotion. People are looking for unique ways to express their love and commitment to their partner, and are willing to think outside the box to create a memorable proposal experience. We know your ultimate goal is coming to Paris with your partner and leaving with your fiancé(e) !

Let's make your dream a reality :

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