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Relishing the Romance of a Lesbian Proposal

The romance of a lesbian proposal is truly one to be celebrated. This special moment in time where two people express their commitment to love one another by exchanging rings is an unforgettable experience. It’s a unique milestone and a good proposal planner and photographer can harness and capture the beauty of this special moment forever.

Last year, we organized a proposal for a lovely lesbian couple. It was a beautiful day, and the birds were singing. The sun was shining, and she had planned everything down to the last detail. The flowers were arranged perfectly, the candles were lit, and the ring was tucked away in her pocket. She took a deep breath, steadied her nerves, and got down on one knee. She looked up at her love,her heart bursting with love and affection and asked, “Will you marry me?” as tears streamed down her face.

And then, in that perfect moment, her partner of course, replied, “Yes!”

This was the lesbian proposal of her dreams, a moment she would never forget. Incredibly, we organized this proposal in just two weeks – our team worked hard to bring everything to life at the near-last minute and the result was more than worth it.

With a personal butler

Lesbian Proposal Ideas

Proposing to your lesbian partner is always a special moment, no matter how you choose to do it. Whether you are looking for something intimate or extravagant, there are many unique ways to propose that will make your partner feel loved and treasured. Please have a look on our website and check our package ideas as a starting point, or contact us today to brainstorm completely new ideas together.


Choosing the Perfect Ring for Your Lesbian Proposal

As a symbol of love and commitment it is essential to choose the perfect ring for your proposal. When choosing a ring, it is important to consider the style and personality of your partner. For this lesbian proposal, the ring was a simple but elegant ring: a round, medium-sized diamond set in a white gold band – it reflected her partner perfectly.


Things to Consider when Selecting an Engagement Ring

  • The design of the ring – does it match her individual style?
  • The type of metal used – is she partial to gold or silver?
  • Any special stones or symbols she likes?

Customizing Your Lesbian Proposal Ring To Make It Extra Special

  • You could add engravings inside the band with the date of your proposal or other sentimental dates or wording
  • You could opt for an unusually cut, or shaped, diamond, or a different type of gemstone altogether
  • You could custom design the ring setting to symbolize something special

No matter what you decide to do, making a big effort selecting or customizing a proposal/ engagement ring will make it extra special and more heartfelt and it will make your partner feel even happier and prouder to wear it every day.

The Love Letter

The speech filled with heartfelt words is a significant part of the proposal. It should be moving and sincere. The couple in this proposal had been together for a long time, and they had been through a lot together. The speech was a reflection of their love and the journey they had been on. The speech was simple yet powerful. It was a reflection of the love and commitment they had for each other. We understand that knowing what to say on the day can be nerve-wracking. It is for that reason that we include a Love Letter in your proposal. Not only does it act as something to think about beforehand, something to hold the proposal together if you find yourself unable to speak but it also acts as a keepsake and reminder of this enormous moment and how you were feeling. It is a much appreciated key part of a proposal with Gay Proposal in Paris.

lesbian proposal

A butler will take care of all your needs for your marriage proposal in Paris

“I wanted to organize my own marriage proposal in Paris and I was able to observe that the agencies were oriented towards heterosexual couples. Being gay and passionate about Paris, history, gastronomy but above all love, I decided to launch my own agency in 2018 to cater to gay, lesbian & transgender couples, so they too can be centre-stage.”


Our happy lovers

Because your opinion is very important to us

Including Friends and Family in Your Lesbian Proposal

Friends and family can be physically present and hiding, or in full view, or they can be digitally present via the use of a screen and the internet. Let us know how we can help you include people – even if it’s by printing beautiful pictures/ postcards for you to send to reveal this happy occasion. We can adapt to many different requests and requirements.

Choosing a Location for Your Lesbian Proposal

If you are looking for a romantic and memorable location to propose to your girlfriend in Paris, there are many wonderful options available to you. Our team will help you select the best place for you and your partner, using our portfolio and knowledge of Paris.

One popular spot for proposals is in front of, or on the top of, the Eiffel Tower, which offers stunning views of the city to take your breath away. Or, you could plan a picnic at the Champs de Mars or take a cruise down the Seine River.

Another beautiful location to consider is the Pont des Arts, a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Seine River known for the love locks that adorn its railings. It provides a picturesque backdrop for your proposal and you can add your own love lock just after. Love locks can be presented in a ring style box. This is a good option if you want your partner to select their own ring after the proposal whilst you holiday in Paris.

The Jardin du Luxembourg, with its elegant gardens and fountains, is another excellent option for a romantic proposal. You could plan a picnic on the grass or take a leisurely stroll through the gardens while you ask your partner to spend the rest of their life with you.You can of course add more to these experiences with live music, floral decorations, champagne, candles, balloons, picnics… you name it!

No matter where you choose to propose, we can help you plan a thoughtful and meaningful proposal that reflects your love for your partner. You can find all of these experiences and more, here on our website, or on our Instagram page. You can use our gallery as inspiration, or contact us to find out more information.

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