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Breakfast or Tea Time

With a personal butler

In an elegant and cosy atmosphere (think ornate wall moldings, framed art, a crackling fire-place and of course, some of the best French delicacies), you can sweetly and chicly propose to your loved one. Live a luxurious experience, where you can taste the best pastries in Paris by great pastry chefs in a room abundant with flowers and candles…

In the middle of your ‘tea time’, your butler will pass you your pre-written Love Letter, so that you can share your most heartfelt sentiments with your loved one.

Champagne and a huge bouquet of flowers will be presented after your proposal and then you can be whisked off to see the sights of Paris, stopping for professional photoshoots along with the most scenic backdrops, along the way.


From 1330€


“Memorable and extraordinary!!! My marriage proposal became a luxurious and romantic experience. The elegant setting, delightful French pastries, the heartfelt love letter during our ‘tea time,’ followed by champagne and a stunning bouquet, all contributed to creating a truly magical moment. Amazing & precious moment thanks to Gay Proposal in Paris.”

Tom & Sanchez – 2024


Package details

Luxury Breakfast or Tea Time Champagne brunch, cakes, a selection of seasonal biscuits and traditional French delicacies served with a hot drink
Butler With Your Love LetterEnclosed in a pearl envelope
Flower Arrangements Parisian style or bohemian chic
2 Glasses of ChampagneWhite or pink
Photoshoot - 1 hour

Our team can create the perfect set-up for your proposal, catering to different preferences and budgets. 

Options : 



– FLOWERS SET-UP – from 60€


– 12 MACARONS – 30€

– SPARKLERS X4 – 50€

Your Personal Butler

We make you feel special 
Everybody deserves to feel special and at Gay Proposal in Paris we add an extra dimension of romance and luxury with the presence of a butler to oversee and guide you during your proposal. This unique service has so many benefits, including helping with nerves, answering questions and overseeing everything on the day to make sure you have  an experience you will never forget. You deserve it. 
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