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How do you Create an Exceptional and Unique Proposal?

The marriage proposal is becoming more and more democratic and it is possible to see many very different proposals. Our team will be delighted to help plan your special, bespoke proposal from afar. We have created a list of templates for inspiration but we believe that each proposal should be as unique as each couple’s own love story.

To make your long-awaited moment run as smoothly as possible, we, at in GAY PROPOSAL IN PARIS can suggest a few tips…


Let's make your dream a reality :


First of all, let’s think about the type of proposal you and your partner would love, whether it’s a grand surprise, with friends and family present, or a small, intimate moment just the two of you, we can create a moment to remember.

No matter your budget, GAY PROPOSAL IN PARIS advises to first hone in on a beautiful, romantic spot, which we can easily glamorize to set the mood. We can suggest some special places with incredible views and floral decorations of your choice. Whether you opt for a private river cruise, a rooftop location or a Parisian landmark spot we can decorate with candles, flowers, and can add music to completely change the feel of any space.



Earn major points with personalization, too, and steer clear of one-size-fits-all ideas. We can offer you some macarons printed with your initials, live music playing your favourite song, the list goes on…

Don’t worry, with GAY PROPOSAL IN PARIS you are accompanied throughout the all process. A butler is on hand to make sure everything runs seamlessly and to relieve you of any stress.

So all that leaves you with is popping the question! When the moment comes, take a deep breath, read a Love Letter and get down on one knee – we’ll take care of the rest.


Let's make your dream a reality :

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