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Flower Power

At Gay Proposal in Paris we are passionate about petals. Large floral decorations play a huge part in each set design, for each proposal. The presence of large floral arrangements elevate the already exquisite locations into something special, romantic and personal.

Dressing locations with arches, columns and walls of flowers, breathes life and luxury into locations, the beauty, the perfume, the signification of love – flowers are nature’s poetic offering and have an important role to play.

When you step into one of our dressed locations, their presence isn’t just charming, it’s a touching display, as the beauty of flowers translates into the beauty of love. A special place is created, for a special moment for the most special feeling. Spoiling yourself and your partner with flowers will only give more power and elegance to this moment. 

Personal touches can of course be included. Certain flowers which evoke certain memories, flowers with symbolic representation, certain colour schemes which mean something to you can of course be included. Our team of carefully-selected florists can help create what you desire.

To see examples of the power of flowers, please click here/ head to our gallery.

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